Abhijit | Home | Sunday, August 1st, 2010

Ever since I started trekking the ever tempting Sahyadri ranges (back in 1997-98), it has been my desire to wander around different locations , photograph the beauty of nature and unfold the treasure of Mother Earth in the form of Birds/Mammals/Landscapes/Insects/Flora!! With time, I had a fortune of meeting some worthy friends in the form of Akashmitras, Trekkers, Photographers and Nature lovers. They kept motivating me, they kept walking along side me.

Nature has so much to unveil … It just needs a genuine lover to love, a true admirer to admire her wealth & grace, a patient observer to see her various moods and a careful listener to listen to her joys…and pains as well !! This is an effort to unlock Mother Natures’ treasury box in front of you… this is an effort to revive and boost your senses…This is an effort to drag more & more people towards “Nature Freaks” catogory !!

© Abhijit Avalaskar